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5 Great Reasons to Spend Winter Outdoors

As winter sets in, we naturally spend more time indoors. The prospect of freezing temperatures, foggy, damp, wet and windy days, mixed in with snow and ice, all make us shiver with dread. It’s surely best to just curl up and hibernate as much as we can, light the fire and read a good book. Not so. There are lots of good reasons to get outdoors in the coldest of months, and here are five of the best.

1. A Happier You

We often mutter about “winter blues” and get miserable at the thought. Also a form of depression, where weight gain and lethargy are common symptoms, winter blues need to be beaten. It’s clear that spending months at a time inside surrounded by artificial light, just isn’t healthy. Natural sunlight is proven to raise one’s spirits.

2. More Space to Enjoy

Winter is underrated, and that’s good news for the few who are smart enough to take advantage of drastically thinned crowds. In the Winter, outdoor spaces are so much quieter. There’s no reason you can’t play tennis in the Winter when courts are less busy, so long as there’s no snow underfoot. Play longer without the crowds, and play harder without the sunstroke. Parks, castles, walking routes and beaches are just a handful of beautiful big open spaces that feel even more open in the Winter.

3. Experience a Beautiful World

Winter heralds magical scenes from landcapes and wildlife. It brings major changes in the natural world as animals and plantlife adapt to the cold and Britain’s stunning scenery can look so much more dramatic in the winter months. Crisp sunny days are days not to be missed for being outdoors.

Taking walks in your area is a great way to teach children about nature and the changing seasons. They’ll love observing the colours, smells and sights that Winter provides. Collect wood and leaves to make a bug house, fill the bird feeders, help plant bulbs, all of which are fun ways to nurture your own natural world.

4. Helps Boost Our Immune Systems

The fact is that exercising in cold temperatures does a lot of good. Aerobic exercise keeps your heart pumping and boosts your general level of fitness,  just when you most need them to fight off seasonal colds and flus. Try and avoid the gym where germs are rife in the Winter.

And what’s more, colder external temperatures make our bodies expend more energy to keep warm, so you burn more fat.

5. Earn Your Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing wrong with building a roaring fire and enjoying a warm and toasty winter evening. But if you’ve been on the sofa all day, have you really earned it? More to the point, that hot chocolate will taste better and be a lot more satisfying if you have just got in from an exhilarating walk or making snow angels.


It may seem unpleasant to get outdoors at first, but facing the elements with  layered clothing, sensible footwear and good eye protection makes Winter a more pleasant season all round.

Bigatmo sunglasses have been developed to perform well in harsh conditions, including the bright low sun and wet or icy surfaces from the Winter climate. The 8 layers of anti-reflective coating coupled with our NXT/trivex sun lens technology make them come recommended by drivers, flyers and skiers alike. The ultra lightweight frames, soft nosepads and ability to handle high contrast environments, make the same pair of sunglasses wearable all day long.