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Sunglasses for Sailing – Review


Last year I was looking for some new sunglasses for sailing. By a round about route I discovered “Bigatmo” sunglasses, which turned out to be a small British business based in Maidstone. It stands for “Big Atmosphere” and it was started by an airline pilot who was sick of the many compromises that other sunglasses make on quality, optics, robustness etc. He decided to design and manufacture his own to a much better specification.

Performance on the Water

I have got to know Alistair Carrie, who is the pilot, over the months, as he was interested in my quest for sailing sunglasses. He loaned me 3 different pairs of sunglasses to trial in the sailing arena. I have to say, I am exceptionally impressed – the optics are really sensational – crystal sharp over the whole complete lens. I can honestly say I have never had such good quality sunglasses. (You don’t realise quite how bad the optics on some other makes are until you’ve tried a pair of these). In addition, the build is very high quality and the sunglasses have survived a robust season of sailing completely unblemished. They are really good for sailing. I was particularly keen to be able to read charts and screens – which you can easily, and to have a real comfort; most sunglasses make my head and nose ache, but these really don’t. They come in a sensible tough case, but have a style and panache too.


So all in all they’re great… I said that he should consider marketing them to sailors… not just pilots. I’m pretty sure that lots of sailors I know would find them to be far superior to the usual offerings in chandleries. See the collection.

A Bit More Info

Like to know a little bit more about the different types and tints of the lenses? Then you’ll find more information here: A closer look at the lens options

If you’d like to get a feel for how it is to look through the various lenses, try the lens demo.

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