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Sunglasses Collection for Pilots and Sport.

Sunglasses Collection

Pilot and sport sunglasses. Choose from either our  non- polarized or polarized lenses. Find your ideal combination of factors to create your perfect pair of sunglasses. There are 5 shapes to choose from, 3 lens types, 4 lens finishes and 4 frame colours. Do you need prescription sunglasses or glasses for the office perhaps? Then you’re in the right place, we make excellent prescription eyewear, from sunglasses to office glasses. Whatever you need just contact us and we can tailor everything to your specific requirement.

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a man playing golf and wearing Bigatmo sunglassess

Key Features

Pilot sunglasses for sport. Our sunglasses were developed for pilots who fly for a living, both commercially and competitively. The exceptional technologies we use in our lenses, perform equally well for sport and driving. Our sculpted titanium frames, hug your head and stay in place when you’re active. Our sunglasses are tough and strong, yet lightweight and comfortable, with true colour perception and clarity of vision. This is what makes Bigatmo sunglasses stand out when it comes to performance.

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Lens Demo

See the world through Bigatmo’s 3 lenses: Alutra photochromic, Zeolite HCNB and Zeolite HCNB polarised. See what a difference a pair of Bigatmo sunglasses make.

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RX Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription pilot and sports sunglasses and eyewear. Our sun lens technology, lens materials, lens design and finishing technology, combined with the expertise of our finishing lab, enable us to produce outstanding prescription sunglasses.

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