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Key Features

Bigatmo sunglasses showing optical clarity. View of mountain range

Stunning clarity in the toughest lenses

Our Trivex NXT® sun lens technology provides stunning optical clarity and are encased in the toughest lenses available on the market.

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Light, comfortable frames

The sunglasses ergonomic lightweight frames are tough but so light and slim, they can be worn comfortably for many hours, even under a helmet, headset or just lounging on the beach.

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Team Nigel Lamb wear Bigatmo pilot sunglasses during the Red Bull Air Race Championships

Frames stay securely in place

Beta titanium sides apply just enough pressure to let you know they are secure and won’t slip off your face, even when performing the most extreme of sports.

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Lenses that stay cleaner for longer

An omniphobic (liquid resistant) coating is applied to the front and back of all the sunglass lenses, dispersing water & fluids to make it easier to keep your Bigatmo sunglasses clean.

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Close up of Bigatmo sunglasses with Alutra photochromic lens

8 layer anti-reflective coating

Say goodbye to distracting reflections in the back of your sunglasses. Our industry-leading 8 layer anti-reflective coating stops UV rays from bouncing back into the eye.

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Titanium frame of Bigatmo sunglasses

Beautifully hand finished

Each Bigatmo frame is hand polished and unique. The pure titanium front and beta-titanium sides are offered in a selection of finishes to give you the option of fitting your unique style.

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Nose pads on Bigatmo sunglasses

Soft silicone adjustable nosepads

For a customised personal fit on any shape of nose, our soft silicon nose pads are completely adjustable.

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Eartip on temple arm


Crafted with a custom finish that helps grip without pulling hair and super slim to be comfortable under a pilots headset.

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