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Travis Ludlow – Youngest pilot to set off around the world – Solo

Allow me to introduce you to Travis Ludlow.


Travis is preparing to break, not 1 but 2 world records.

At just 17 years old, he’s setting off on his adventure to fly round the world; solo and he’ll be the youngest person ever to achieve this.

Then he’s going to do it all over again, breaking the 2nd world record.

And guess what, right now, he’s poised to do just that.



  • Age 10 yrs – Travis dreams of one day becoming a pilot
  • Age 14 yrs – Travis becomes the youngest glider pilot in the UK.
  • Age 17 yrs  –  He becomes the UK’s youngest certified PPL pilot.

Currently Travis is studying for his A- levels and spending his spare time preparing for his trip.


His Piper PA28 Diesel Cadet has been specially built for this trip. Tatenhill Aviation UK Bendix King and Air Interiors Elstree London have all played a part in getting this very special aircraft upto scratch for this mammoth journey.

We’ll be bringing you updates on our social media as Travis’s adventure unfolds, so be sure to check in from time to time.

To give you some back ground information here’s a youtube link to a video of Travis chatting to Michael Smith, another adventurer who inspired Travis with his own round the world trip in an amphibious Russian Seabear aircraft.


Amphibian Earthrounder and Adventurer – Michael Smith Interview (Part 1)

Hope you enjoyed this and it gives you a chance to see a little of what has motivated Travis to take up the challenge of this solo flight. We’ll bring you updates as things unfold.