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What lens tints are most suitable for flying?

One look at the sunglasses section of an aviation forum and you know that there are plenty of people with strong views about sunglasses and lens tints for pilots, some of which are a little individual and occasionally emotional.

During our initial pilot lens development program, we considered many tints (78 in fact), some of which were considered to be natural aviation lenses, but we discarded all but two, which were then used as the basis for development into our current Alutra (copper-brown) and Zeolite (grey) lenses.  Our sunlens technology is extremely sophisticated and our sun-filters do much, much more than just reduce light transmission and protect you from UV. Our Bigatmo Alutra and Zeolite lenses are brimming with technology and have been developed to have exceptional properties but with different personalities.

So, these are the tints that we recommend for flying. Either would make an excellent choice and so it really is a matter of personal preference.

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