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Sunglasses for Golf

Golf and Bigatmo sunglasses

Seamless Performance

The performance of your sunglasses should be something you can take for granted so that you can enjoy a day on the golf course. Your sunglasses should be able to perform seamlessly, even when the weather changes considerably throughout the day. That’s were Bigatmo come into their own. We’ll talk you through lens tints and how they perform, helping you make an informed choice about which pair is right for you.

Technology in Action

Proper Sun Protection

Sun protection is the number one priority. All Bigatmo sunlenses guarantee the protection you require. Whether you need prescription sunglasses or not, we have a superb selection for you to choose from.

Bigatmo's Stay Put

Non-Slip, Sculpted Titanium Frame

We often see pictures of golfers wearing their sunglasses on top of their baseball hats, which isn’t really helping to protect their eyes. If glasses constantly slip down your nose, it’s tempting to remove them altogether. That’s something you’ll never have to do with Bigatmo sunnies. Their sculpted titanium frames are specially designed to stay comfortably in place; even when you’re looking down at the ball. More Info on Frames

You could have the best lenses in the world, but if your frame isn’t up to the job regards comfort and fit, you probably won’t wear it. We take the development and design of our frames so seriously, because we want you to keep them on and keep your eyes protected. We want the frame to be so comfortable you forget your wearing it!

So what about the lenses…..

Golfer taking a swing at the ball

NXT®/Trivex® Lens Technology

Tested and Proven Best Lens Performance


The core material of all Bigatmo sunlenses is renowned as the best lens material for performance sunglasses. The advanced technology combined with Bigatmo’s lens tints ensure:

  • superior lens clarity
  • lightweight full sun protection.
  • enhance true colour perception
  • improved contrast perception.
  • industry-leading anti-reflective
  • anti-scratch
  • oleo-phobic coatings

The complete lens package. Everything you need in a superb pair of sunglasses for golf.

But now we need to think about which specific lens is right for you.

Golf... I have changed my ball, changed my clubs and changed my swing; but,since finding my Bigatmos, I have had no reason to change my sunglasses. My golf still sucks but I no longer get eye strain... nor do they slip down my nose over those ‘critical’ putts...
Selection of Bigatmo lenses with various mirror finishes

Lenses for the Golf Course

Things To Consider

There are some key considerations when it comes to lenses for golf, so which type of lens is best overall?

The key consideration has to be eye health and that’s why lens technology and lens coverage is so important. Lens clarity and enhanced colour definition will help your eyes to relax and focus on the ball more easily.  All of our lenses provide these features.  Other than that it’s largely a matter of personal choice regarding lens colour.

It’s our belief, that if the lenses you choose have superior optical and colour acuity properties, then they will perform well in the vast majority of environments. All of our lenses have been optimised for high contrast environments so they perform exceptionally well across a wide range of activities, including golf. You’ll probably find that you choose them for golf and then continue to wear them for the drive home; because they’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’ve even got them on.

Golfer wearing Bigatmo sunglasses

Lens Types and Tints

Copper/ Brown Photochromic Lenses

Being that you’re outside the weather may vary considerably and this is an ideal time to wear a photochromic lens which will change according to UV levels, keeping your eyes relaxed and more comfortable.

Handling contrast well is particularly important on the golf course as it helps to enhance your view and decision making. The copper/ brown tint on our Alutra lens is especially good for enhancing contrast so is definitely one to put high on your list. It will help you to read the situation regards breaks and grain and the general lie of the land.

Grey HCNB (High Contrast Narrow Band) Lenses

Some people think grey isn’t the best colour on the golf course because it can dampen colour perception which could interfere with spotting the ball. However all of our lenses  are specially formulated to enhance colour perception so if you are drawn to a grey lens ours perform better than you may expect.

Grey HCNB (High Contrast Narrow Band) Polarized Lenses

Some people love to use polarized lenses thinking they deal well with glare, which they do, but is this ideal for golf?

Most polarized lenses are polarized 100%. We feel it’s not necessarily a good thing as you can lose some essential subliminal information such as the way light plays off grass assisting you in assessing wind direction.  

Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized lenses, on the other hand, are optimised to allow the wearer to absorb this valuable information whilst enjoying the benefits of polarization. They help to improve decision making and ensure that you don’t lose vital visual information.

A Taste of the View Through Each Lens Type