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Sunglasses for Flying

Pilot Input and Testing

The Best Pilot Sunglasses need Pilot Lead Design

To make the best sunglasses for flying, you must make absolutely sure you know what pilots want, and also make sure you know why other sunglasses just aren’t up to the job.

To do that therefore, you have to get pilots on board right from the outset.

Involved, as we are, with the aviation industry, we’re lucky enough to be in the extraordinary position of having direct access to a host of pilots. In order to obtain pilot feedback, we clocked up thousands of hours of real-time pilot testing in real flight decks. Equipped with first-hand knowledge, we were able to develop our unique range of Bigatmo sunglasses for flying.

We craft sunglasses which excel in the field of aviation because, armed with the pilots insight, working with extremely skilful technicians and using the most advanced optical materials in the world, is no mean advantage.

Superior Lens Materials

NXT®/Trivex® Lenses and Titanium Frames

Our aim: To create the best pilot sunglasses in the world.  In order to achieve this you have to stick to a few core principles, including:

  • Investing in research.
  • Collaborating with the people who have the greatest knowledge and skill.
  • Using the very best material and technologies for each and every component part.

Technology and Design Detail

Commercial pilot wearing Bigatmo Iono photochromic sunglasses with ANR headset


Commercial airline pilot in the flightdeck wearing Bigatmo Meso sunglasses

This has to be undertaken with a ‘perfectionist’ mentality.

The right questions have to be asked and the answers clarified.

Every decision has to be analysed and evaluated until there is only one clear course of action.

Our design and build journey has been one of step by step elimination. You must refine constantly, over and over; getting rid of the unwanted or unnecessary aspects. Then are you left with the elements that will produce something of real substance and integrity.

You could say, every constituent has to fight for it’s place in the finished product. The result being, a pair of sunglasses perfectly adept to overcome all of the challenges found in the high contrast environment of the flight deck.

They are also excellent sunglasses for driving a car too!

After researching many so called aviation sunglasses, many of which are just fashion glasses and do not perform in a professional working environment, I came across the Bigatmo web site. I chose the Alutra Photochromic lens and have no hesitation in recommending it for professional aviation use.  

Bigatmo Sunglasses for Flying. Let's Take a Closer Look!

Lens and Frame Development

Let’s talk about the lenses and frames for a moment, because if you like technical stuff then this will appeal to you.

We analysed all the lens materials available against our set of criteria and for one reason or another; too heavy, poor optical acuity, poor impact resistance, poor chemical resistance…….the list goes on! One by one the lens materials were discarded. Then we looked at NXT®/Trivex® lens material…


NXT®/Trivex®-  THE – Best Lens Material 

NXT® was formulated in the early 1990s for the wind-shields of a new generation attack helicopters. The new material needed to be bulletproof, lightweight and optically superior.

We liked the aviation connection but were astounded by the attributes of this lens material. See for yourself, NXT®/Trivex® Core

Working closely with pilots and our lens manufacturers we developed the Bigatmo range of lenses. Every single one of our lenses is made from NXT®/Trivex®

Choice of Lenses

Need Rx Prescription


Sculpted Titanium Frames

You can have the best lenses in the world and we believe we do, but if the frames aren’t up to the job, much of the benefit will be lost.

No-one wants to wear a heavy frame that’s uncomfortable, digs in, slips around, interferes with ANR headsets or impedes peripheral vision.

All the frames we and other pilots had tried before Bigatmo, had some combination of these factors.

We designed and developed something better, a sculpted titanium frame, so light, yet secure and comfortable it’s as if it’s not there. The slim temples fit smoothly beneath the ANR headset allowing the headset to remain properly in place. Bigatmo Frames

Bigatmo Sunglasses for Aviation - The Complete Package

Bigatmo Tropo pilot sunglasses with copper brown photochromic lensesA pilot in a formula one racing aircraft wearing Bigatmo sunglasses and preparing for takeoffCase and Polishing Cloth provided with every pair

Some Popular Choices for Flight Deck Use

Below you’ll see just a few of our best selling sunglasses for the flight deck.

They are also available as prescription sunglasses if that’s what you need.

For your information the pilot in the photograph at the top of this article is wearing Strato Model 0143 Alutra Copper/brown photochromic lens. Non- mirror.

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If you’d like to know a little bit more about the different types and tints of the lenses you’ll find more information here: A closer look at the lens options

If you’d like to get a feel for how it is to look through the various lenses, try the lens demo.

We’re always happy to chat with you about your sunglasses choice before you choose your own pair. So call us here at the office and we can answer all your questions and offer some advice, we’re a friendly bunch: +44(0)1622 844030