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Sunglasses for Driving

picture of a driver wearing Bigatmo sunglasses, scarf and hat, a yellow Westfield car

Which are the best sunglasses for driving, what do I need to know?

If you’re confused about selecting the right sunglasses for driving, then you’re not alone; we’re asked about this a lot.

So many choices out there, it’s overwhelming. After years of research and testing here’s what we know..

When you know a bit about what makes sunglasses work, you’re half way there. Of course good lens performance is an important part of what it’s all about and the lens technology, is what makes the difference between wasting your money, or not.

Bigatmo sunglasses are all about the technology and that’s why they perform so well for driving.


Why Does Lens Quality Matter?

Well, whilst driving the top priority is your safety. Being able to read instruments clearly and to have a clear view of the road ahead is quite handy.

As for decision making, struggling to look through poor quality lenses is far from ideal. Clear vision on the other hand is a huge asset, especially if you have to react quickly to a situation on the road ahead.

a woman casually sitting beside her red classic car and she's wearing Bigatmo sunglasses

The Lens Material

With Bigatmo sunglasses you’ll be wearing the most advanced lens technology, specifically developed for high contrast situations, like when you’re driving a car. It took over 18 months of research and testing to develop these lenses to ensure you get everything you need to make the best out of your vision including:

  • Lens material composed of NXT®/Trivex®, a lightweight and virtually unbreakable optical polymer.
  • Reduction of glare from the road and other shiny surfaces.
  • 100% harmful UV light blocked.
  • True HD colour perception for clear reading of dashboard instruments
  • Crisp visual acuity
  • Reduced eye strain meaning eyes remain relaxed
  • Industry-leading lens coatings;  anti-reflective, anti-scratch and omniphobic, ‘easy-to-clean’ lenses
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man leaning on his white Porche Carrera wearing Bigatmo sunglasses

The Frame Design

  • Thin wrapped frames to allow for good peripheral vision and better all-round protection
  • Excellent coverage, so vision is not restricted and glare is significantly reduced
  • Lightweight sculpted titanium frames – (Just 20g, with lenses) so they are comfortable for wearing over long periods of time.
  • Fully adjustable nose pads for a personalised fit

Require prescription:  Advanced Freeform RX Prescription lens technology

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I heard about Bigatmo through my son. Ordered a pair of EXO sunglasses for him a couple of years ago - he's a helicopter pilot. I wore them while driving into a low sun last month and found the clearer vision was amazing so decided to get my own pair.