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Ultra Marathon Runner- Luke Ashton

Ultra Runner Luke Ashton  

Race Biography 2015

Luke running the London Marathon 2015


Luke Ashton is relatively new to ultra marathon running, yet has showed enormous potential.

Mainly competing in double marathon distances and trail marathons he consistently finishes in top positions. Just two years ago he competed in his first ultra event, winning this, he went on to gain top 10 positions in subsequent races. Including, achieving a 2nd place position in his first 100 miler.  Then, in 2014, Luke achieved 1st place in the Viking Way 147 mile non-stop event.


Describing his running technique Luke comments: “I am a smooth glider, consuming far less energy by landing mid-foot, with a high cadence. I love running outdoors on trails – they are my playground. Running is my calm escape from the stresses of work. I see running as meditation and part of a healthy lifestyle”





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