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Professor Michael Bagshaw

Professor Michael Bagshaw has been a customer of ours for some years now and he has shared his thoughts about Bigatmo.

Here’s a quick summary of his professional background to give context and it is, frankly, just very impressive.

This is what he said:

‘Anyway, here’s me:

PPL when at school.

University Air Squadron when at medical school.

Joined RAF – flew Hunters and Jaguars and instructed at Cranwell.

Medical Test Pilot at Farnborough.

Retired to be NHS GP and hospital consultant.

Then Head of Medical Services at British Airways.

Continued flying part-time as Hawker business jet captain and PPL instructor and flight examiner.

Professor of Aviation Medicine at King’s College London.

Own Twin Comanche which fly all over Europe.

Teach aeros in Bulldog.

‘Bigatmo prescription varifocals most effective and comfortable spectacles of any I have worn for day-to-day life, flying and driving.

Lightweight and perfect fit and optically superb. Integrate well with ANR headset.

Did some work in the 1980s at Farnborough developing corrected flying spectacles for military aircrew – a pity Bigatmo were not available then!’

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