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Mike Anastasiou

‘Soaring (or gliding, it all depends where in the world you are) at 30,000 feet and still climbing at a generous 600 feet a minute with no engine, maybe is easier than many people think. Our atmosphere has so much energy that is not known to many. But it is out there. Soaring in mountain wave condition is the holy grail of glider pilots.

After mastering the glider you fly, perfect your flying skills and reach the proper state of mind,  to perform these flights it all comes down to preparation and dependence on reliable equipment that will perform at extreme cold (-45C), winds and turbulence.

Vision being one of our most valued senses must be preserved at these altitudes where the UV radiation and the sun is shining brighter despite the fact the sky turns to a darker blue.

Once flown with the Bigatmo Tropo I can’t imagine going up there without them again.’


Mike Anastasiou is an airline captain with more than 13,000 hours in the air. Test pilot for airliners as well as for Pipistrel advanced light sport aircraft as well as seaplanes, he spends more time flying than walking. He commanded B747, Airbus 300, 320 and soon moving to the A380. Gliding is his passion and he does not consider it flying, but a state of mind that needs precision and sound decision making.

20 years of flying he tried many sunglasses. In his own words about Bigatmo: ‘Simply the best shades I ever had. Amazing contrast, clarity with zero distortion when I have to tilt them over my oxygen mask. Why I could not had them earlier.’

Mike Anastasiou soars at over 30,000 feet wearing Bigatmo pilot sunglasses