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Luke Ashton

After a very informative and friendly chat with founder and director Louise, I had the opportunity to try a pair of Bigatmo sunglasses as product placement and to see how different running could be compared to a basic sports lens with little quality or suitable protection.

Bigatmo Sunglasses are highly recommended for: Driving, Flying, Motorcycling, Cycling, Running, Fishing, Golfing, Skiing and Sailing.

At first glance, what is most noticeable is the feel and just how light these frames actually are…
With a rigid fully Titanium frame to the top, centre and edges. Then a softer, lighter and flexible Titanium to the nose clips, arms and ear tips for slight movement when needed.

These Meso frames have a gun metal finish to the design and edges, giving that aviation feel. The hinges even have a shuttle and smooth aerodynamic engine look to them.

The Meso frames come as a snug and light fit, so they will be a good choice for many sporting activities. The ear tips are finished with a super slim design that is perfect to fit under my cap, and feel moulded to my head…complete with extra nose pads, polishing cloth and hard case.

On first trying on the frames they were very snug and I was worried maybe a little too tight for my dimensions. The ear tips press quite rightly to my head. Then after 4-5 days of wear the frame seemed to mould and felt much more comfortable and I actually forgot I was wearing sunglasses..

I tried the sunglasses in very bright sunlight conditions to start with and they seemed so clear and sharp with every detail. The Alutra lens has a light activated feature that adjusts to the environment. Which was one of the reasons I feel they were best suited to my long distance running, with all the conditions my eyes are exposed to…The Alutra has an instant reactive shade to them that darkens in those brighter uv conditions.

Weather changes are perfect for the Photochromic light reactive lens of the Alutra. Instantly reacting to the increase in UV light. Whereas the tint of the lens remains lighter in cloudier conditions

To begin with I tried the Bigatmo Meso on a very sunny day out walking and through my local woods. I was amazed at the sheer clear clarity and sharpness of every detail. The lens brightened up in shaded areas and then darkened when in direct sunlight.

I tried a short jog to see how secure the sunglasses felt on my nose. Slightly loose and a bounce to them so I made sure to pinch the nose grips inwards once home.

I spent over an hour walking with them and eventually I forgot I was wearing them as they are so light. They do feel rather snug, so I am hoping this will loosen with wear during the week.

I have used them to driving to work which is a 30 minute journey. The road signs and car detail is very sharp, rather like when I used to wear prescription glasses.

Colours seem more vibrant but softer to the eye in brighter light conditions. Soon enough the frames felt less snug to my head and very comfortable. The titanium has moulded very well to my dimensions.

The lenses perform great in hazy cloud and over cast days. The detail is much clearer and brighter like in sunny conditions. This is very useful and needed when cycling.

It is so important to protect the eyes with outdoor activities. I had Laser correction treatment 9 years ago, so really I should be wearing good quality lenses all the time in daylight.

I suffered with bad side effects after the procedure and my eyes are now extra sensitive to pollutants, dust and dry conditions because of this. Wearing photo chromic lenses should hopefully help relieve some of these.

It was the London Marathon on 26th April with very dark cloud and damp conditions. Rain was forecast but it stopped just before the start of the race. I kept the sunglasses on for the entire duration of the marathon without any problems. I only needed to remove them briefly to wipe sweat from my eyes. I was worried of fogging to the lens with the damper and more humid conditions, but with a strong cool breeze it seemed to prevent any chance of this occurring.

They most certainly brighten up those dark cloudy days and everything was much more detailed, which was helpful in such a crowded environment.

Lens react when the conditions change.

I am so impressed with how these sunglasses suit my everyday activities and can be worn all the time with comfort.

They are definitely a permanent fixture in my kit list for the future and looking forward to running the next ultra event in them!