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Lindsay Brown

‘I recently took the leap of faith and purchased the Bigatmo Tropo Frames with Alutra Prescription Varifocal lenses. They look fantastic and are very comfortable – worn for hours at a time with a Bose A20 headset. The lenses are excellent and cope well with the transition from a bright 37000 feet sky through descent to a British grey day landing. I did initially have some concerns about the varifocal setup. I have a previous smaller pair of clear varifocals, so thought it would simply be a matter of popping them on and going. However, perhaps because of the larger lens area, my brain took a few days of wear to feel comfortable with these varifocal lenses. Initially, I felt that the corridor for intermediate distance (instrument panel ) was very small and even just a slight move of the head would lose the ‘sweet spot’. But the brain is an amazing thing and despite my concerns adapted reasonably quickly. The Bigatmo team were pretty good at reassuring me that this was normal – as it is a little unsettling to think you have bought the wrong thing and feel like you are not going to adapt. They stuck with me and did offer return options if things didn’t work out. They did. And I now really enjoy having an excellent pair of sunglasses which allow me to fly with comfort and confidence.’