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Karel Huis

For the last 4 months I have been using the Bigatmo Tropo sunglasses with photocromatic alutra lenses. I have used many sunglasses in my 3 decades of flying around the globe. These include amonst others; Serengeti and Ray Ban with varying lenses. The Bigatmos are by far the best so far. The frame just about fits my head perfectly and the titanium frame fits so well I forget I am actually wearing them. My working days here at Norwegian are long and intense with all kinds of lighting levels. I wear them all day and even into early evening. The lenses are extremely good. I can always see the displays with ease and the colour transmission is top notch. Yes I know people still go for the Aviators. But when you grow up in flying there comes a point you become more interested in the performance of the product rather than looks alone. I have 2 sons following in my footsteps and yes they both have fallen for the Top Gun looks.