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Jake Brattle

Glider Pilot

One of the most important factors for success in competitive gliding is excellent eyesight. Unfortunately, as a pilot with myopia (short sightedness), I am at a natural dis-advantage and so I rely heavily on my eye wear to make up for this.

Good long-distance vision is key for racing in gliders – I need to see that split-second glint from a competitor’s glider many kilometres ahead, while differentiating between sunny and shadowy terrain on the horizon to pick out the optimal ‘racing line’ through the sky.

Unobstructed peripheral vision is equally vital to allow detection of the most subtle visual cues such as the wandering of a bird of prey marking the centre of a thermal or to sense the tiniest movements of my glider to help ‘feel’ my way into a thermal’s core.

My Bigatmos allow just that. The ‘Tropo’ lens is large and the frame wraps around my head which means my vision is completely unobstructed. The quality of the lens is excellent allowing me to see as far as possible into the distance. The photochromic feature of the lens allows quick adjustment between dark and bright environments which noticeably reduce eye fatigue over the course of a long, 5hrs+, race.

I use them on every flight, in every season across environments ranging from the vibrant colours and contrasts over the French Alps to the very bright blue skies over South Africa.

Having spent thousands over the years on my glider, instruments and equipment; I am confident my Bigatmos are the best-value purchase I’ve made to help me on my never-ending quest to reach my peak performance.

Jake Brattle