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Emma Wilkinson

I have been a Bigatmo sunglass owner for over three years now. I am delighted with them and I am proud to say I have not lost them in all that time. I have become increasingly aware that as I have become older how affected I am by light. Particularly reflective light but also other lights, strip lights, torch light, candle light, spot lights.

My symptoms are glaringly obvious now with hindsight but at the time no-one recognised what was the cause of my symptoms. I’d been to the opticians several times in ten years to be tested however each time they could find no fault with my eyes. It was rare for me not to have a headache, I had suffered with frequent migraines and intermittent stomach migraines since I was a child. The longer and brighter the sunlight the more extreme the symptoms became. Relief came on dull grey days and I began to dislike long periods of glorious weather. I’d be irritable and quick to anger, less likely to be forgiving of other peoples mistakes especially when on the road. Become unreasonably exhausted after a couple of hours driving, I used to get tension in my neck and jaw. I sometimes clenched my teeth together so hard and for great lengths of time that I eventually damaged them! At its extreme, I became hyper sensitive to taste, touch, smell and hearing.

Before stumbling across your Sunglasses I was a person that rarely wore sunglasses for any length of time, let alone knew much about them. I had no idea that I had found the elite, top of the range advance jobbywhatnot lenses! I would often buy sunglasses in multiples of two, different shapes and styles, some from the cheap end of the market some from the more expensive end. The lens colours would be subtly different. I found that with the majority I would discard them within a week as they were just not right. Or I’d be wearing two pairs at the same time to get the correct lens shade. The lenses were either too dark or pale or the wrong tint, none of the frames fitted properly and were uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. If the lenses felt good I’d persevere with the frames. I’d add sticky tape and cardboard or similar to the arms to get them to stay on. So although I had many pairs of sunglasses, I had rarely worn any of them for more than a few hours a day.

It was a total revelation to find your product. I am now rarely without them and if I ever have the need to replace them I would. Instantly. They are so worth it. I would wear no other.

The first time I tried them on, it was mid-March on a bright clear day with blue skies. The relief was instant, not only to my eyes but all of me. I knew there and then they were like no other that I had tried before. I bought then without hesitation. They stayed on my face all day and all evening. I took them off only to go to sleep. They went on again the next day and the next, dawn till dusk pretty much for the first 15 weeks. I felt like someone had thrown me a life ring! They had – it was you!

18 months ago my daughter was screened at school for Irlems syndrone. I looked it up on the internet! I was tested. I wear my filters in poor light and my Bigatmos in brighter light conditions. I find the clarity of the Bigatmo lenses far superior to my filters.

Up until last weekend I had only seen a couple of people wearing BigAtm0. However, I met up with a few friends for a family camping experience last week and between us we had seven pairs of your amazing glasses. We couldn’t speak more highly of them. Some of us prefer the grey lenses and others the Alutra. All of us share the same feelings about our BigAtm0 Sunglasses, they are amazing and we wouldn’t be without them.

They are even great for tired, smoky, hungover eyes.

I have been meaning to write for three years and say thank you so much for developing something that truly does make a difference to me. Every day they enhance my life.

I have to say that I have had a few snags with my glasses along the way and I think I am now on pair number 3. I did say I was proud of myself for not losing them, but I have had a pair stolen and I recently crushed a pair when I forgot they were in my coat pocket. Actually to be totally honest I don’t think it’s that extravagant to have a new pair each year. (It.s about 70p a day.) Cheeper than parking a car for an hour in Ashford! My irlem filters require replacing every 6 months and they are about the same price if not more.

PS: How to ever thank you? Suddenly it dawned on me! Shortly after sunrise the morning after the night before, I stumbled across this scene and couldn’t resist grabbing my camera. It all made sense to me.

Some of our BigAtmos hanging out together where they had been abandoned.”