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Chris Brehm

I found out about Bigatmo from a pilot colleague when I started flying the airbus A320 and couldn’t see the dim displays; particularly the FMGC, down in the shade.

I had tried a number of Ray Bans and Oakley’s but they were all pretty much the same; i had to peer over them to see the text, particularly green and magenta.


I got the zeolite lenses, unmirrored, in a Strato graphite frame. They made a big big difference because they let in some narrow bands of the spectrum which I need to see.

They are also light; I don’t even think about the fact I’m wearing them anymore.   The arms are really slender, bayonet-type to fit under a headset, yet are more secure than any I’ve experienced due to their springiness.

The Strato shape is pretty cool; looks like Neo in the Matrix.


I’m really pleased to have sunglasses so tailored to my needs as a pilot.  The long search is over!