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Sunglasses Technology

Why Bigatmo sunglasses are the best, for pilots and in fact, most people on the planet.

Bigatmo is in the vanguard of lens and frame technology.

In the past, there was always a compromise.

You could buy tough sunlenses with poor optical properties, or fragile sunlenses with excellent optical properties. Finding eyewear that performed well and had all characteristics we were looking for was just not available and so our search was fruitless. We also knew that many other people shared the same disappointments and frustrations as us.

Determined to make the difference and push the boundaries of sunglasses technology we set to work.

We drew together a team of designers, optical experts and specialist manufacturers to work on development. Also a team of professional airline, display and air-race pilots to evaluate our progress. Through our three year adventure and all our development decisions, we kept our ultimate objectives firmly in perspective; our perception of the properties required to create the very best sunglasses available; anywhere. The result – a collection of sunglasses with the most advanced technical specifications on the market, where compromise is out of the question!

Bigatmo Alutra trivex NXT photochromic lens

NXT®/Trivex® Technology

Tested and Proven Best Lens Performance

Our patented Next Generation NXT®/Trivex® urethane material forms the core of all Bigatmo sunglasses’ lenses. NXT® was formulated in the early 1990s for new generation attack helicopter windshields. It has great impact resistance, is lightweight and has superior optics.

Bigatmo NXT®/Trivex® optical lenses are the next stage in its evolution. They’re formed in glass moulds with long, carefully controlled curing times, producing lenses with very low internal stresses, improving the optical quality of the lens. They also constitute the strongest lens material on the market, passing ANSI’s High-Velocity Impact Test; a stringent test where 1/4-inch steel spheres are fired at the lens at a velocity of 150 feet-per-second. If an NXT®/Trivex® lens receives an impact, the material returns to its original shape with virtually no residual distortion.

Gerald Cooper aerobatic pilot in Extra, Sarah standing beside, both wearing Bigatmo pilot sunglasses.

Three Lens Options

Whilst NXT®/Trivex® is the core material of all Bigatmo sunglasses’  lenses, there are three different lens options to suit your lifestyle.

Bigatmo Alutra lenses deliver a punchy view of the world with excellent vibrant colour acuity and high definition optics. The photochromic core is perfect for when you’re out and about moving between sun and shade, and also allows you to comfortably read instrument panels in high contrast environments like the flight deck when flying, or the dashboard when driving.

Bigatmo Zeolite lenses use advanced Light Management Technology to enhance colours by filtering out the wavelengths that fall between red, blue and green – the primary colours in which we see. Your eyes receive more specific colour information improving overall image sharpness and clarity.

Bigatmo Polarized lenses have the same colour enhancing technology as our Zeolite lenses, together with a polarizing filter which dramatically reduces glare from roads, snow, sea and sand, revealing all kinds of hidden details and textures in High Definition.

Diagram depicting sunglasses lens texhnology

Industry Leading Lens Coatings

All Bigatmo lenses receive a series of industry leading lens coatings to enhance them further.

An “omniphobic” treatment applied to both sides of the lens is designed to disperse water, sweat, make-up and suntan lotion, so lenses are not only easier to clean; but also stay cleaner for longer.

An industry leading 8-layer anti-reflective coating is applied to the back of all Bigatmo lenses to prevent irritating reflections and also avert reflected uv from entering the eye.

High quality anti-static and anti-scratch Quarz® layers are applied to the raw lens and provide superior scratch resistance which helps to make Bigatmo sunglasses extremely durable and long lasting.

An optional cosmetic mirror finish that looks great, whilst still allowing the lens to perform as it was designed to.

Folded sunglasses showing Bigatmo logo on temple arm

RX Prescription

Bigatmo sunlens technology, lens material, lens design and finishing technology, combined with the expertise of our finishing lab, enable us to produce outstanding RX prescription sunglasses.

Every pair of Bigatmo prescription sunglasses starts with a pair of semi-finished lens-blanks. The front surface of the lens-blank is the finished part and carries all the sunlens filter technology in the first 0.9 mm. This ensures that our prescription lenses have the same sun-filters and uniform tint as the Alutra, Zeolite and Zeolite Polarized non-prescription lenses.

Sculpted Titanium Frames

All Bigatmo frames use pure titanium for the rims and all parts of the sunglasses frame where rigidity is important. It’s ultra lightweight, very strong, extremely workable, corrosion resistant, hypo-allergenic and has a beautiful natural finish.

Beta-titanium, a titanium alloy, is used primarily for the ‘temples’ of our sunglasses frames. Beta-titanium has very similar properties to pure titanium except that it is springy and it is these springy properties that apply just enough pressure against the side of the head to keep the frames securely in place.

Every Bigatmo frame is hand polished and hand finished, allowing minuscule differences between them and so making each one unique.

Customised Comfortable Fit

All Bigatmo frames have soft silicone adjustable nose pads for a customised personal fit. They’re less likely to snag hair than conventional adjustable designs.

The temples and eartips are extremely thin and ergonomically shaped so the sunglasses fit neatly to the head. Made from beta-titanium, they’re tensioned to provide a comfortable and secure fit. The inside of the tips are coated with a special epoxy finish designed to provide grip without pulling hair.

The hinges of the sunglasses are designed for smooth operation, incorporating stops to prevent the eartips damaging the lenses.