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RX Single Vision or Varifocal

Single Vision Lenses

This is simply where the power of the correction is the same for the whole lens

Bigatmo prescription Exo glasses on a magazine

Bigatmo prescription glasses with Exo graphite titanium frame


Varifocal Lenses

This is like having several prescription power corrections all in one lens.

Your correction requirements may be different in strength for distance for example than for intermediate or reading distances. Therefore the power correction will need to change appropriately to your own requirements over the surface of the lens.

If you’d like to talk to us about prescription eyewear we’re always very happy to answer your questions and offer advice. It’s easy, just call us we’re a friendly bunch, or you can contact via email or the website.

Up To Date Prescription

You Will Need an Up To Date Prescription

Your optometrist should provide you with an upto date prescription. They may discuss with you whether it’s for single vision or varifocal lens correction. Over a period of time your prescription may alter and your lenses will need to be updated to maintain crisp clear vision.

It’s worth knowing that if you choose to, you could have your original Bigatmo frame re-glazed with your latest prescription. This is a great benefit as you’ll make a saving on this subsequent purchase and the frame doesn’t go to waste.

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