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Series on Colour

We found a really interesting series of 5 episodes discussing Colour which was broadcast earlier this year.  The series gives a fascinating insight into colour perception,  definitely worth a listen…..

The topics covered are;


Colour Vision  – How our body creates colour and colour blindness

Colour Naming – How language hanges our perception

Feeling Colour – Does colour change the way we feel

Making Colour – A visit to  traditional dye house

Selling Colour – How the colour forecasting industry arose


The first in the series on Colour Vision focuses on Colour Blindness and gives a link to London City University where you can find the latest research on colour blindness and even try a  web-based colour vision test to find out if you are colour blind.

We at Bigatmo are always looking for interesting articles on anything related to eyes / sight / colour.  Please let us know your thoughts or any articles and research that you have found.