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Optician Magazine Reviews Bigatmo Sunglasses

Optician Magazine (online version, 9th Nov 2012) reviewed Bigatmo’s sunglasses in their independent Tried and Tested feature. Here is their full independent review of our sunglasses:

Optical Magazine’s review of Bigatmo sunglasses

Tried & Tested: Bigatmo Sunwear

“Enduring visual comfort for pilots in high contrast situations” was the start point for the development of Bigatmo sunwear (see Product news 26.10.12).

What Bigatmo Evolution Optics claims to have come up with is a technical sunglass suited to driving, sports and general sunwear.

The combination on trial was the titanium Meso in gunmetal with photochromic Alutra lenses. The frame does have a certain burnished-metal, engineered quality about it and the aviation design heritage comes out in the torpedo-shaped hinge. This is not sprung, adding to rigidity. The sides are fluted providing a secure fit under headphones or a crash helmet. Care did need to be taken with the flat temple tips when lifting the frame towards the face.

Optically, Bigatmo has the feel of a technical sunspec. The wrap was effective and stopped any light spilling in from above or the sides. The mirrored Alutra has a range of coatings but is deliberately not polarised so it can be used by commercial pilots. In a car or train carriage the Alutra handles glare well but is light enough for reading and allows LCD displays and coloured indicators to be clearly seen. The tint enhances contrast in its inactivated state and outside darkens down enough to cope with moderate sun. All in all a stylish sunspec that offers all visual comfort in a wide range of situations.”

Optician Magazine (online version), 09 November 2012