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Let Talent Fly. Anna Takken, The Pilot Inside

Bigatmo are proud to be on-board with budding pilot Anna Takken. We are going to follow her progress and wish her every success in her challenge to become a pilot. This is the story so far:

#YouHaveControl | On May 22nd, 2015, Freedom in the Air (FITA) and Phab, partners in the, 2015 Freedom Fly Scholarship, invited Anna Takken to Elstree Aerodrome (EGTR). Initially making her feel that we needed to discuss aspects of her scholarship application – as there may be ‘issues’. Little did she know, we were going to take her flying, and announce to her that she will be our 2015 Private Pilot Licence (PPL) scholar.
It made sense to tell someone about learning to fly, in an aeroplane. After a 60 degree steep banked turn, whilst her heart rate was pulsing, FITA’s founder and pilot dropped the news to her, at which point she shed a few tears.

We filmed our day with Anna, and we hope this short clip gives you an insight into the work of FITA and Phab, as well as getting to know a little about Anna.

Bigatmo will soon be in the cockpit with Anna as she is having some prescription sunglasses made so life at the controls will be that bit more comfortable. We will update you on Anna’s progress, so be sure to pay another visit soon.