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Sailing Sunglasses

Sailing Sunglasses for managing Glare on The Water

It’s essential to wear the right sailing sunglasses, not just for protection, but also, to help you to feel comfortable, so you enjoy the day.

Being on the water, sailing or boating, can be such great fun, but it can be quite a hostile environment for your eyes.

Magnified Glare

In a marine environment, glare tends to be magnified, in the sense that it is bouncing at you from all angles. In addition there are a lot of bright or shiny surfaces on a boat or yacht for the light to bounce from. Water is also a reflective surface, therefore if you’re out sailing light conditions can be harsh and changeable.

The levels of brightness can be extreme, especially if it’s a sunny day. However protecting your eyes is something to be taken seriously whether the sunlight is dull or bright.

Don’t be fooled into thinking cloud cover protects you from the harmful elements of the sun’s rays, your eyes need to be protected properly no matter what. Unfortunately, damage caused today can last for your lifetime.

Understanding a bit about Proper Protection

Obviously there are two main aspects to a pair of sailing sunnies; frames and lenses and with each, there are plenty of things to take into account. If you want good performance and protection then you need to ensure you buy into the best technology. With Bigatmo it’s all about providing the best. Let’s talk frames and lenses…

Beware the GlareA green sea buoy reading 'bald Head'

Two mens sailing wearing Bigatmo sunglasses

Secure and Comfortable Frames

Frames must be comfortable above all else so you keep them on! A wrapped frame gives the best protection.  It hugs the contours of your head so remains secure and fits close to your face, so is better at excluding light.

The frames need to stay securely in place, especially as you and the boat bound around.

Frame Technology

A lady on a sailing boat wearing Bigatmo sunglasses

High Performance, Strong Lens Material

NXT®/Trivex® Lens Technology – At the core of all Bigatmo sunlenses

This is the core material of all Bigatmo sun-lenses and it is renowned as the best lens material for performance sunglasses. The advanced technology combined with Bigatmo’s lens tints and finish coatings ensure you have the very best lenses available for being out on the water.

NXT®/Trivex® really is an incredibly strong and high performance lens material, it’s worth taking a look at why.

Lens Demo




Sailing Sunglasses Review
Selection of Bigatmo lenses with various mirror finishes

Best Lenses for Sailing

It’s our belief, if the lenses you choose combine superior UV protection, optical and colour acuity properties, then they will perform well in the vast majority of environments, not just on the water. All of our lenses have been optimised for high contrast environments so they perform exceptionally well across a wide range of activities including sailing. Lens size and shape is important as it’s all about coverage!

Bigatmo Alutra trivex NXT photochromic lens

A Closer Look at The Lens Types and Tints

 Copper/ Brown Photochromic Lenses

One of the fun aspects of sailing is how quickly the weather may vary, but  you must be prepared and protected.  So keep your eyes relaxed and more comfortable by wearing photochromic lenses which will change according to UV levels. Our Alutra copper/brown photochromic lens provides exceptionally good contrast and depth perception. You’ll find they enhance the view. Everything is crisp and sharp, and the colour acuity has been specifically enhanced to give true high definition colour perception.

Grey HCNB (High Contrast Narrow Band) Lenses

Some people think grey isn’t the best colour for a lens because it can simply dampen colour perception. However all of our lenses are technically advanced and specially tuned to deal exceptionally well with high contrast whilst also having superior colour perception. For these reasons if you are drawn to a grey lens, ours perform better than you may expect.

Grey HCNB (High Contrast Narrow Band) Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses deal very well with glare and are a great asset on the water.

Is 100% Polarization a Good Thing?

Most polarized lenses are polarized 100%. We feel it’s not essentially a good thing as you can lose some essential subliminal information, for example, the presence of some light reflecting off the water can help to show more clearly how the wind is behaving and may be advantageous to see.

Optimal Polarization

Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized lenses are optimised to allow the wearer to absorb this valuable information whilst enjoying the benefits of polarization. They help to improve decision making and ensure that you don’t lose vital visual information.
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a woman in a blue jacket wearing Bigatmo sunglasses driving a speedboat

Bigatmo RX Prescription Lenses for Sailing

Advanced Prescription Technology

If you require prescription Bigatmo’s for sailing, then we are always happy to help with any advice you may need. There’s a lot of information here on the website so don’t be shy.

If you have specific questions you could email us: [email protected] or call us: +44(0)1622 844030

RX Prescription Bigatmo

Home Trial Pack

I am exceptionally impressed – the optics are really sensational – crystal sharp over the whole complete lens. I can honestly say I have never had such good quality sunglasses. (You don’t realise quite how bad the optics on some other makes are until you’ve tried a pair of these).