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Which are the best sun-lenses?

This is a difficult question to answer and our response has to be seen in context. By that I mean that you have to consider the environment in which they will be used. We started by developing our ideal lenses for aviation and only later realised that they’re also brilliant for pretty much everything else.

We believe that sun lenses should have:

  • excellent visual acuity and visual comfort
  • vibrant, accurate colours
  • high contrast and high definition
  • full uv and high energy light protection
  • high impact resistance
  • light weight
  • good chemical resistance
  • highly effective anti-reflective coatings

We discovered that the vast majority of people prefer either a copper-brown or grey tint. In the case of Bigatmo lenses, these are clever filters designed to manage the light passing through them.

So, for most applications the choice between these is purely what you feel most comfortable in. Lens Demo

Our polarized lenses enhance the hd element and reduce glare still further, but they do have limitations, especially for flying and some forms road use.

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