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Which are the best lenses for driving?

All our lenses are very suitable for driving. The driving environment is a bit like a less extreme version of the flight-deck, which is where Bigatmo started life. It’s particularly important to be comfortable, both physically and optically and so it’s necessary to choose a lens that suits you. Our research showed that the vast majority of people prefer either an excellent copper-brown or grey lens so that’s a really good starting point.

Our Alutra copper-brown photochromic lens is really comfortable and versatile. (I use mine in all conditions including mist and fog, from dawn to dusk.) if you prefer grey, our Zeolite High Contrast lenses come in both standard and polarized forms.

Our polarized lenses handle reflected light really well and come into their own in situations such as when driving into low sun with a wet, reflective road surface – reducing glare and increasing eye comfort.

While polarized lenses are excellent for many people, it’s important to ensure that they are suitable for your application. For example, those of you who ride bikes might be concerned with making sure you can see any contamination on the road, well high definition polarized lenses will give you fabulous acuity but reflections from damp or wet surfaces may well be less obvious.

Here is more info for you about each lens type.

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