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What is a gradient lens and why would I need it?

A gradient lens is one where the light transmission rate varies from the top to the bottom. Traditional gradient lenses are obvious when you see them because their tint is darker at the top and gradually reduces from top to bottom.

Bigatmo gradient lenses are different. We spent a lot of time developing the sun filters and light transmission rates of our lenses, but we also noticed that some people are more sensitive to bright conditions than others, so we developed our gradient mirror lenses. These use a type of mirror which reduces the light transmission of the lens by a specific amount. There is a full mirror at the top of the lens which gradually reduces in intensity until it fades out about half way down.

In a high contrast environment, such as flying or driving, the lens provides more protection against super bright ambient conditions, whilst retaining the lens design properties for intermediate and near vision, ensuring high visibility and clarity of the instrument panel.

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