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How do I order prescription RX sunglasses?

It’s easy, either order directly on-line; Order a Prescription Home Trial Pack   or call us: +44 (0)1622 844030 and one of us will help you with your choices and get you started.

We often work directly with customers and our process is simple:

  • We ask for a deposit, but this is refundable; should you choose not to proceed. We send you a pack which consists of a couple of frames to choose from, (these have no lenses as they are used for measuring purposes only). We can include a couple of lenses wrapped separately. (This enables you to get a feel for the lens clarity, the tint of the lens).
  • The pack also contains a set of instructions for you to follow. (This provides us with some of the data we require to make your prescription sunglasses)
  • Once the pack is returned with all your details, we will have a short telephone consultation to check your requirements. At the same time we can answer any other questions you may have.
  • The outstanding balance is made to us, once you have decided to go ahead with your order.

All we need is an address to send you a sample pack.

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