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Bigatmo Supports Czech Sport Aircraft PS-28 Cruiser Cup


Andrea Gambusera (left) receiving the PS-28 Cruiser Cup from Matthew Harvey (right) Martina Hunkova (left) and Leona Souckova (right) with the PS-28 Cruiser Cup in advance of the award ceremony.

PS-28 Cruiser Cup: We Have a Winner! Italians Make a Clean Sweep On Day 2

Following on from the scenic cross country flying, factory visit and aerobatic display of Martin Šonka on the first day of the PS-28 Cruiser Cup, Saturday saw the start of the main competition with two stages of navigational racing.  The day was a huge success once again and saw the Italian participants take an absolute clean sweep of the prizes.

Czech Sport Aircraft is very pleased to announce that SportCruiser I-9728, piloted by Andrea Gambusera, was the overall winner of the 1st Annual PS-28 Cruiser Cup.

Commenting after receiving the cup during an award ceremony at Š. Banič Airfield in Boleráz, Andrea Gambusera, said, “I am absolutely delighted and very proud to be the first winner of the PS-28 Cruiser Cup.  This event is a really fantastic initiative of Czech Sport Aircraft and we have thoroughly enjoyed both days.  After purchasing my SportCruiser last year, I can certainly say that I am very happy with the aircraft.  It is a very dependable and robust aircraft offering maximum comfort and great performance.  There is no doubt that it is one of the best in the world within its category and I am very pleased to see Czech Sport Aircraft also having such huge success in Italy with the certified PS-28 Cruiser in a flight training role.”

I-8192 with serial number 07SC137 was the first ever SportCruiser to be imported into Italy back in 2007.  The aircraft has almost 400 flight hours and was purchased second-hand by Andrea Gambusera last year.  Andrea is an entrepreneur from the northern part of Milan and participated in the PS-28 Cruiser Cup alongside his partner Kamila Markovska.  Once engraved with the name of the 2013 winner, the cup will move to Milan where it will remain with Andrea until the 2nd edition of the PS-28 Cruiser Cup in 2014.

The prize for 2nd place overall was awarded to Stefano Favaro who flew alongside Gianluca Ercoli in I-8192.  Upon receiving a new Bose A20 Aviation Headset, Stefano Favaro, said, “This entire event is an experience that we will always remember.  The hospitality of Czech Sport Aircraft has really been first class and to finish in 2nd place overall is something I could never have imagined.  I am really happy to now upgrade to a Bose A20 headset.  The fly-over of Vienna was very special yesterday and we certainly have some very nice photos to take our fond memories back to Italy.”

Enrico Gemme (second from right) receiving the Bigatmo sunglasses from Matthew Harvey

Enrico Gemme achieved 3rd place overall in I-5657 alongside Guerrino Ceserano and was awarded with a pair of Tropo Bigatmo sunglasses model No 0112 – Brunello frame Alutra copper/brown photochromic lens with light gold mirror finish.  Commenting on finishing the event in 3rd place, Enrico Gemme, said, “Excellent!  It would have been better to finish 1st, but it’s easy to say that now!  I am very happy to finish 3rd and this is the perfect way to conclude what has been a thoroughly enjoyable event.  We look forward to hearing where the 2014 edition will take place so that we can plan our attendance.  We will be there!”

Matthew Harvey is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Czech Sport Aircraft these are his thoughts on Bigatmo sunglasses:     “Bigatmo is a really fresh brand that seems to offer something very unique.  I have been very impressed with the quality of Bigatmo sunglasses, both in terms of construction and also the protection offered, as well as the stylish design of the frames.  Every pilot needs a good pair of sunglasses that they can depend on and Bigatmo is certainly positioning itself very well on the market.”