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Bose Aviation Chooses Bigatmo Sunglasses for Latest Promotion

Bose aviation headsets and Bigatmo pilot sunglasses make an unbeatable combination.

‘Better sound and vision through research’

Aviation headsets and sunglasses haven’t always been the perfect match, until now.

Bose Aviation, appointed Bigatmo sunglasses as the preferred manufacturer for their promotion.

Sunglasses that are comfortable beneath Bose ANR headsets are essential.

Bigatmo understand what it takes to make the perfect pair of sunglasses for pilots and they’ve made sunglasses that are supremely comfortable even after hours in flight in demanding flight deck conditions.

Producing 100s of pairs as a giveaway to customers, Bigatmo created the limited edition pair based on the Tropo 0099 model, and they were offered exclusively to all customers purchasing a Bose Aviation A20 headset from December through to early January 2017. The offer was promoted and distributed across Europe, the Middle East and South Africa, via aviation dealerships and directly online too.

Better Sound and Vision Through Research

“Better sound and vision through research” was chosen as the strapline to use for the collaboration. A natural extension to the pre-existing Bose strap-line “Better sound through research”, the claim reinforces both brands’ commitment to technical excellence and the synergies are there for all to see. Both sunglasses and headset are vital accessories in the flight deck and Bigatmo was delighted to be chosen as the preferred supplier.